Remote Monitoring

Remote Monitoring

At Start Technology our IT support service is not based on waiting until a problem is reported to us by an end user before we do anything about it (Break/fix). We actively seek issues out so that we can pro-actively resolve them before they impact your business.

Start Technology's managed services include as standard 24/7 monitoring of your servers and PCs with automated ticketing of issues identified so that our engineers can rapidly identify and resolve performance and downtime issues with your infrastructure.

24 hours a day we can:

  • Track physical and virtual server performance, including memory and CPU utilisation, to ensure slow response times are not happening from an overloaded system.
  • Monitor disk utilisation, to ensure that sufficient capacity exists for swap and write functions and application processes are not waiting on disk I/O.
  • Ensure that server physical hardware characteristics are within range and not at risk of overheating from a under performing fan or cooling system.
  • Monitor Windows processes for resources consumed to ensure that component services are healthy and available.
  • Plan for capacity upgrade in over-loaded systems or allocation of higher workload to under-utilised systems.
  • Create a base line of performance for individual servers to assess opportunities for cost savings through virtualisation and workload re-allocation.
  • In fact, we can tailor our monitoring systems to just about any application or service so you can be sure we have our eye on the systems that matter most to your business.

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